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The choices business make for electrical projects can have a powerful impact on a business’ ability to serve its customers, and its bottom line. At Marney Electric, Inc., we want to insure you have the most possible uptime and the most efficient response to any issues, meaning you can focus on your customers, not your electrical systems.

We handle commercial electrical jobs small and large, from putting lights on a new sign to wiring an entire office complex. From small business, to large commercial, institutional, and medical projects, we’ve got the experience to get the job done.

Trends in Commercial Electric: LED Lighting

One of the key retrofits we’ve been assisting businesses with over the past few years is the move to LED lighting. LED lighting has become commonly available, no longer a niche product. It is less expensive to power, and lasts longer, saving businesses money long-term for both maintenance and operation. LED lighting is also safer than traditional lighting.


We also provide industrial electrical services, and have experience installing power for machines and electric motors for factories and other industrial electrical applications.

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