Radiant Floor Heating

Forget ice cold floors. Heated floors feel like a gentle foot-massage or a walk on a warm beach. Almost any surface in your home or business can become warm and dry.

Like a walk on the beach

Walking on a SunTouch radiant floor is like a walk on a sun-soaked beach. The electric radiant heat mats bring warmth to kitchens, bathrooms, commercial or institutional entries and just about anywhere you want warm tile, stone, or laminate flooring. And with nearly 45 different sizes of mats, you can be sure to find the sizes you need for rooms of almost any size or shape.

Safety Assurance From A Superior Product

An emerging issue in the electric radiant heat industry is EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation. Some companies sell only single-wire systems that release very high levels of EMF. Other companies have pioneered and sell only dual wire EMF-canceling technology.

EMF CancelingWith fully armored and grounded power leads and twin wire design, SunTouch is the only electric floor warming product manufactured in America that is designed to cancel EMF (electromagnetic fields).