Lighting & Home Automation

Impact is undeniable

“Lighting is extremely important and easy to take for granted because it’s always just there,” stated Chris Casson Madden, interior decorating guru, in a recent article for HGTV. “It wasn’t until college and I began studying photography did I gain the necessary respect for lighting and realize how it affects not only the look of a person or room, but how it can be used for full dramatic effect to create ambience, mood and mystery.”

Two types of control

Since lighting is so important, controlling the light in your home should also be important. Lighting control takes many forms but most fall into two categories—local and whole house control. A light switch is a type of local lighting control. An occupancy sensor detecting motion in a room is another example. Additionally, most of us are also familiar with dusk or daylight sensors and lighting timers.

Whole house approach

The whole house approach is when lighting for the entire home is managed by a central system. This type of system was once a luxury only the wealthiest homeowners could afford. However, CentraLite – who Marney Electrical is an Authorized Dealer of, has made this kind of system affordable for the average homeowner. Lighting programs can be designed to manage lighting for different times of the day, special events or occasional occurrences. Often, other devices, such as security systems, cameras, motorized blinds control, are connected to the centralized system.

What is automation?

Elegance, functionality and convenience combine to form a harmonious atmosphere for any home or office. Truly amazing automation activates custom tailored lighting scenes at the touch of the button. Turning on the DVD player could set in action a chain of events including lowering the blinds and turning on all of the audio/video equipment for a relaxing night at the movies. Automation with Vantage, who Marney Electrical is an Authorized Dealer of, is the intelligent control and coordination of almost anything and its power and convenience are only limited by the imagination.

Why is automation important?

Vantage automation and lighting control systems offer endless value. Homeowners can leave for a vacation and with the press of a button on the way out the door, rest confident that they alarm was activated, doors locked, thermostats set back, and the lights began cycling the last two weeks of activity. Lights can also be set to come on at lower levels based on use and location, saving hundreds in utility bills and in the cost of replacing bulbs. Single button presses can activate complex scenes for the perfect mood or simply shut everything off for the night.