Electronic Thermostats

Whether you are building a new home, office, industrial building, or upgrading your current heating and cooling equipment, Marney has the right thermostat for you.

A professional thermostat installation ensures proper heating and cooling system operation and takes installation risk out of your hands. Start by calling Marney Electrical Services, Inc.

A programmable thermostat can save you money on your utility bill – up to 33%, if used as directed. You set it up to adjust the temperature when you are away from home or asleep – when you don’t necessarily need optimum comfort – and your HVAC equipment runs less. Plus, your heating or cooling comes back to a comfort level automatically when you come home or wake up. Most of our Programmable Thermostats carry the EPA’s EnergyStar® rating and are designed to be very easy to use.

A non-programmable thermostat provides simple control of your heating and cooling system. Set it to the temperature you want and adjust it up or down as desired. We have several different types, choose from digital models with large, backlit screens that are easy to read and use, or non-digital models with simple adjustment and operation.