AirScape Whole House Fans

Turning off your A/C is one of the best ways to save home energy. Whenever evenings cool off, an AirScape whole house fan system can create a wonderfully cool and fresh living and sleeping environment for a fraction of the energy cost of A/C. It’s one of the greenest improvements you can make in your home, and one of the most enjoyable too.

While traditional whole house fans are big, cheap, noisy brutes, AirScape fans are highly engineered, energy-efficient and ultra-quiet. They have industrial-grade damper systems that automatically seal tight when the unit is off. And they’re designed for easy drop-in/plug-in installation using wireless remote control.

Imagine sleeping in fresh, cool, quiet comfort while you save tons of energy.
Sound appealing?


1.0 WHF
1047 CFM | 52 dBA

For houses up to 1500 sq feet.

1.7 WHF
1712 CFM | 55 dBA

For houses up to 2500 sq feet.



Maximum airflow, PLUS the ultimate in quiet. Our premium ducted units feature industrial fans, adjustable two-speed operation, automatic insulated doors and are wireless ready.

2.5 WHF
2516 CFM | 51 dBA

For houses up to 3500 sq feet.

4.5 WHF
4673 CFM | 55 dBA

For houses up to 6000 sq feet.